Proxy & Relay (N2HPP)

High Performance Proxy & Relay Agents

The N-Squared High-Performance Proxy (N2HPP) is a robust, flexible solution for the intelligent relay and manipulation of messages between client and server endpoints.

The N2HPP has three core deployment models:

  • As a SMS Gateway the N2HPP supports the intelligent proxying of SMPP messages between ASP and MC endpoints, MC to MC relay, and SMS notification submission by IT systems via JSON. Supporting a comprehensive range of text encodings, the N2HPP SMPP implementation handles secure SMPP connectivity, delivery receipts, and custom SMPP TLVs.
  • As a Diameter Relay/Proxy the N2HPP supports the management of Diameter traffic within LTE environments. Implemented against RFC3588, the N2HPP can load share inbound Diameter requests between clients and servers.
  • As an HTTP Proxy the N2HPP deploys with a web-services component for the proxy of HTTP based REST and SOAP requests. Connections may be configured with both server and client SSL certificates for point-to-point encrypted communication.

The N2HPP scales to handle thousands of transactions a second per virtual machine. It is able to be deployed as individual or clustered nodes and supports multiple HA deployment patterns out of the box.

The N2HPP may be deployed either in-premises and self-hosted, or cloud based as a third-party virtualized solution.


Additional Features

Extensibility and Customisation

The N2HPP is built on N-Squared’s composable JSLEE software stack and supports transaction and message manipulation through scripting. First-class support for Lua allows engineering teams to develop proxy extensions for complicated use-cases. For simpler scenarios, a comprehensive JSON-based translation engine supports message manipulation with no direct programming required.

Redis integration provides built-in support for streaming messages between the proxy and external scripts and processes. Redis may be used as a source, or sink, for messages within the N2HPP processing pathway.

Operational Management

The N2HPP operational management console is available over secure communication channels (including HTTPS and SSH) on each cluster node.

A broad set of cluster management capabilities, including support for the enabling, quiescing and re-configuration endpoints and nodes is available through the operational console.

Protocol endpoints may be configured to generate detailed text EDRs for proxied transactions for external data warehousing to disk or direct to other storage sinks. Comprehensive system statistics are published and may be aggregated and displayed through external third-party monitoring tools such as Prometheus or Graphite.

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