Customer Care (N2C5)

Pure-web Customer Care GUI & API for OCNCC.

The N-Squared Convergent Charging Customer Care Console (N2C5) is a replacement pure-web Customer Care UI and API for Oracle’s OCNCC solution.

Oracle Communications Network Charging and Control (OCNCC) is a well-proven, fully-integrated all-in-one Rating/Charging/Balance/Voucher platform for Voice, Data, and Messaging.

The N2C5 add-on module implements additional modern features which enhance the value and usability of the OCNCC solution, adding.

  • Pure-web UI for customer care staff.
  • RESTful API for web-portal and external provisioning.


Product Information

User & Technical Guide


Pure-Web UI

The N2C5 User Interface replaces the out-of-the-box Java customer care UI with an HTTP(S) pure-web front end which integrates with modern Telco firewall, auditing, and other security infrastructure. This enhanced UI also supports integration with user-directories such as Active Directory and LDAP, as well as other integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) mechanisms.


The N2C5 security and provisioning layer replaces direct database access with an intermediate RESTful API. This documented interface also allows for secure, simplified integration for external automated provisioning and BSS functions.

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