This Technical Guide describes the installation and configuration of the N-Squared SRP software.

N2SVCD Components

The N2SVCD consists of a message-passing layer, and an extensible Application framework, which is used by the individual N2SVCD Application Components.

The primary applications are "Controller Applications" which implement value-added services:

Other Applications are "Helper Applications", client interfaces to external server interfaces for a particular protocol. Examples are:

The configuration for each of these Application Components is described here (see the relevant item under the N2SVCD Config menu). Note that SIGTRAN is currently implemented as a built-in component, rather than a separate application.

Component Licencing

For convenience, the n2svcd package installs all N2SVCD component applications and protocols. However, the the use of any individual component is restricted by the particular N-Squared solution(s) which is/are licenced for use at your site. The following list indicates the N2SVCD components which are typically licenced by each solution.

Please check your licence agreement to determine exactly which components are enabled by your site licence.