Special Number Handling


Rules for handling special destination numbers may be defined for the DSG-SCP. These rules exist within the config block, e.g.:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <application name="<application name>" module="DsgScpApp">
          <!-- Special number handling rules for the DSG-SCP -->

Special destinations are checked prior to all other processing to ensure that they are handled as quickly and safely as possible.

Configuration Details

Within each block, special number handling rules may be configured within the special_numbers block:

Attribute Type Description
.special_numbers Array Array of special number handling rules for InitialDP.calledPartyNumber and/or InitialDP.calledPartyBCDNumber fields.
.rule Object Provisions a special number handling rule.

Special Number Handling Rule

Each special number handling rule defines a rule for the handling of a certain destination number or prefix. For each inbound InitialDP, the rules list is traversed. If a rule is found, it is applied and no other rule will apply. If no rules are matched, no special number handling will occur.

Special number handling takes place after normalisation has occurred.

Each rule Object in the config.special_numbers array has the following structure:

Attribute Type Description
exact Telephony Digits [Conditional] Will cause the rule to match if the rule number matches the destination number exactly. One of exact or prefix must be defined.
prefix Telephony Digits [Conditional] Will cause the rule to match if the rule number is a prefix of the destination number . One of exact or prefix must be defined.
handling String The handling to apply if the rule matches. Possible values are:
  • continue - send an INAP Continue operation to allow the call to continue unconditionally.
  • connect - send an INAP Connect operation to allow the call to continue unconditionally. Denormalisation of the destination digits will occur.
  • release - send an INAP ReleaseCall operation to end the call. If cause is not specified, the default release cause will be used.
  • abort - send a TCAP Abort operation to end the call.
  • translate - for originating and forwarding calls only, replace the calledPartyNumber_digits_n (i.e. the normalised InitialDPcalledPartyNumber decoded digits) that is used in further processing with the value of the translation field. Call processing will otherwise continue normally.
translation Telephony Digits [Conditional] The number translation to use. Only applicable, and required, when handling is set to translate. Note that this number will not have normalisation applied to it. This translated number will replace the normalised_called_party value used for all subsequent selector rule matching, etc.; the pre-translation number will be stored in the original_called_party field.
cause Integer The release cause value to use when the chosen handling is release. Must not be included for other handling options. If not specified for release, defaults to 31.