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Supported installations may view, create and amend tickets in the N-Squared Support Ticket System.
If you have a critical fault on a supported production system, please Contact Us by phone.

Offline Copy

Please feel free to grab a backup copy of our Technical and User Documentation.


A general-purpose REST Web-Service used by N² IN Tester, N²C5, and N²SRP products.

N² Logic Node

The N² Logic Node is an OCNCC Control Plan Editor node that allows you to use Lua within a control plan to do... whatever you want!

N²C5 Customer Care

Install, configure, troubleshoot the N²C5 Customer Care User Interface for OCNCC.

N²C5 EDR Analytics

Install and configure the N²C5 EDR Analytics Module.

N² IN Tester User Guide

Design and Manage test flows with the N² IN Tester UI, including advanced scripting techniques.

N² Flow Editor Technical Guide

Design and Manage freephone call control flows with the N² Flow Editor UI.

N² SIP Specialized Resource Platform

Integrate, install, configure, and use the N²SRP INAP-controlled SIP IVR platform.