Accessing EDR Analytics Data

The N2C5 EDR Analytics module ultimately builds a database of information for use by business users through business intelligence tools.

Tableau is a world class desktop software tool that runs on the Microsoft Windows platform. It is a powerful and flexible analysis and visualisation tool.

Tableau Desktop Professional Edition will connect to the EDR Analytics database and provide users with access to the data stored. Further information, including screencasts, product documentation and evaluation versions of the full professional software are available on their website.

N-Squared can provide a Tableau workbook for use with the analytics database on request. An example screenshot of how data can be analysed and presented with Tableau follows.

Billed Calls by Destination

Granting Access

Access to the EDR Analytics data is via direct access to the PostgreSQL database n2edra. A read-only user is created as part of installation for this purpose.

The username is n2edra_readonly. The password will be the one configured during installation.

To connect in Tableau, choose to connect to t a PostgreSQL database, and enter in the necessary data:

PostgreSQL Connection Configuration in Tableau