Manually Executing the n2edra_etl Process

While the extract, transform and load process n2edra_etl is designed to run constantly from system startup, it can be run manually if necessary.

Prior to running manually, ensure that the automatically started process is stopped by running:

sudo stop n2edra

The n2edra_etl process can be run using the following basic command line:

cd /usr/share/n2edra/bin

This will execute the process using the default configuration file at /etc/n2edra/n2edra.xml. The following command line arguments can be used with this process:

--debug Turn on debug logging to console. Override any logging config in the configuration file. Useful for manual debugging. Do not use in long term setups (use the log file config in the config file instead).
--config <configfile> The config file where all configuration is read from. By default this is /etc/n2edra/n2edra.xml
--reprocess-from <date> Provide a date and time, in YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS TZ format from when EDRs from the source extractor should be reprocessed.

Exactly how this is done depends on the Extractor/Loader but all Loaders do delete data from the EDR analytics database. It is important therefore that the reprocess date is not prior to the earliest date for which there is still data available.

Ensure you use the right time that covers daylight savings correctly - e.g. Pacific/Auckland for New Zealand.

After manual execution, restart the automated process if desirable:

sudo start n2edra