Pre-Build Reports

While it is anticipated that most analytics of N2EDRA data will be performed through tools such as Tableau, a number of pre-built reports are also available through the N-Squared Customer Care (N2C5) GUI.

Available Reports

Two pre-built reports are available:

  1. Activation Breakdown. The activation breakdown report provides a summary of the number of account activations that have occurred by Product Type per day. A date range filter allows this report to be limited to a specific date range.

  2. Account Summary. The account summary report generates a summary of the last state change for accounts. A date range filter allows this report to be limited to a specific date range.


To access these pre-built reports you will need to configure N2C5 in the following manner.

vi /etc/jarvis/n2c5-prod.xml


vi /etc/jarvis/n2c5-model.xml


vi /etc/jarvis/n2c5-dev.xml
<database name="edra" connect="dbi:Pg:dbname=n2edra;host=" username="n2edra_readonly" password="n2edra_readonly"/>
  <lib path="/usr/share/n2edra/n2c5/jarvis/plugin"/>
<plugin dataset="activation-breakdown" access="*" module="Report::ActivationBreakdown" add_headers="no" mime_type="application/xlsx">
  <!--<parameter name="img_path" value="/usr/share/n2c5/htdocs/img/logo.jpg"/>-->
<plugin dataset="account-summary" access="*" module="Report::AccountSummary" add_headers="no" mime_type="application/xlsx">
  <!--<parameter name="img_path" value="/usr/share/n2c5/htdocs/img/logo.jpg"/>-->
<reports output_path="/tmp">
  <report access="*" folder="EDR Analytics" name="Activation Breakdown" js="edra/activation-breakdown.js"/>
  <report access="*" folder="EDR Analytics" name="Account Summary" js="edra/account-summary.js"/>

Note that the logo image to have at the top of the report is optional. A good size is around 201x137 pixels. Note that the image path may require adjustment depending on the installation of N2C5. The parameter is commented out by default.

# Redirect requests for N2EDRA reports to the appropriate place:
Alias /n2c5/js/report/edra/ "/usr/share/n2edra/n2c5/htdocs/js/report/"
<Directory /usr/share/n2edra/n2c5/htdocs/js/report/>
  Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
  AllowOverride All
  Order allow,deny
  Allow from all

For additional details on configuring reports in N2C5 please see the Configuration - Reports documentation which is supplied with N2C5.

With this configuration in place, users with the appropriate security will now see these reports in the N2C5 reports screen.

Automated Report Execution

Reports may be executed automatically and emailed by use of the EmailReport tool in the N2C5 Package. Can be found in the bin directory of your N2C5 installation, e.g. /usr/share/n2c5/bin.

For more information on report configuration please see your N2C5 Configuration - Reports documentation.

May also be found on the NSquared website. Configuration - Reports.

Activation Report Parameters

For example, to generate an Activation Breakdown report for last month's statistics:

/usr/share/n2c5-<environment>/ -to='you@domain' -kind='EDR Analytics Report' Report::ActivationBreakdown start_date=`date --date="$(date +%Y-%m-15) -1 month" +'%Y-%m-01'`

This may be executed via cron for fully automated report execution.

Account Summary Parameters

For example, to generate an Account Summary report for last month's statistics:

/usr/share/n2c5-<environment>/ -to='you@domain' -kind='EDR Analytics Report' Report::AccountSummary start_date=`date --date="$(date +%Y-%m-15) -1 month" +'%Y-%m-01'`

Use the appropriate replacement for <environment> in the cron commands.